UFA 3D Mapping Event

UFA Assurances
2010 - Beirut - Lebanon Mapping

Digital Slaves has been chosen to implement and supervise this architectural projection for the UFA 3D Mapping Event.

UFA 3D Mapping Event was the first event of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. It is a non-commercial urban art event and competition.

Each year approaching new year UFA's fa├žade illuminates and offers to Beyruth's inhabitants a fairy show.

The event took place over 6 days on the facade of UFA Building in Martyr's Square in Beyruth city center, from 22nd of DEcember to 31st December 2010.

The program consisted in :

- A Historical piece called " Law Hakouni aan Beirut"

- A commissioned piece called " Color of an old Beyruth"

- A selection of 15 Lebanese artists in competition

On October 15th 2010, a competition was launched for the best animators and visual artists in the country. 15 finalists were selected, attended 3D mapping workshops with experts.