King's Thailand Birthday

Fresh Air Festival / Kaiser Com / Philipp Geist
2009 - Bangkok - Thailand Mapping

Digital Slaves went to Bangkok for the 82nd King's birthday (december 2009) and created a mapping on the facade of the royal throne with Philipp Geist and Kaizer communication.

The one-hour-show is the central part of the celebrations and will be seen by thousands of visitors. It interprets artistically the king's life and his work dedicated to public welfare. The art installation combines images of the king and his social projects in the past and present with 3D animations of Thai natural and cultural heritage and abstract-painterly passages.

The mapping of the images, which is the precise tailoring of the total composition to the facade, was developed by Digital Slaves. The projection using state-of-the-art computer- and light technologies and the most powerful video projectors available is realized by the technical partner of the last Olympic Games in China.