Hennessy - Futura Party

Hennessy / Superbien / Digitas
2012 - Paris - France Digital Graff

In october 2012, Digital Slaves set up its Digital Graff system during the release party of limited-edition bottle “HENNESSY vs FUTURA” in Paris club La Générale.

This partnership between the house founded in 1765 : Hennessy and the pioneer of abstract graffiti : Futura (formerly Futura 2000) is an explosive cocktail.

The famous graffiti artist has tried out our digital drawing system and the crowd enjoyed being a street artist for one night.

Our installation is a collaborative and interactive drawing system for a unique art experience.

With a revisited spray, the user can create unlimited digital street art works, and also choose the colors, line thicknesses and shapes using the touch interface.

Credits Photo / Video : Superbien
Credits Music : Perrion x Myth Syzer - Everything 5 (Ft. Jae Millz)