Deconstruction Time Again

Olivier Ratsi / Antivj
2012 - France - Canada InteractiveMapping

Digital Slaves created Fragment in Space with Olivier Ratsi (Antivj) a art piece composed of real time mapping, LED frames and electronics.

Fragment in Space is a light and sound sculpture whose elements are suspended by transparent strings and via hooks attached to the ceiling grid.

These elements are fragmented in a space according to a dynamical layout which increases the suspended state and offers the spectators depending on their positions a variety of points of view.

Modular, the system is adaptable to its exhibition space.

In this configuration, the facility was located in the center of the room occupied 13 m2 and a height of 3m.

The installation consists of 14 elements in red half translucent Plexiglas and six units composed of an aluminium structure embedded LEDs.

These elements can be independently illuminated in three variants; fully, partially or not at all according to a language, based on the lighting or extinguishing the final 44 parts.

This luminous scenography synchronized with a sound design brings the temporal dimension of the work.

Credits Photo / Video : Olivier Ratsi
Credits Sound Design : Thomas Vaquié
Credits LED development : Julien Guinard
Credits Support : Arcadi, Théâtre de l'Agora, scène nationale d'Évry et de l'Essonne, Stereolux