Atomium Museum

Visual System
2012 - Brussels - Belgium LED Installation

Digital Slaves created with Visual System a LED sculpture in L'Atomium in Brussels in march 2012.

We usually imagine the home of the future as a cold cube full of neon fluorescence aggressively plunged into permanent night. Surely inspired by classic sci-fi movie Blade Runner or as Johnny Mnemonic, this conventional expectation of a bleak future but paradoxically hyper-lit is frigid as irrelevant to the extent that a normal man can not bear more 5 minutes the light emitted by these tubes without losing any enthusiasm.

The Atomium has yet made a bet that kind of hostile environment in your retinas, and asked Visual System to completely rethink the visual environment of the escalator with Transit.

Transit is a bright, sprawling form. This device and its LED is an architecture in architecture. It offers the possibility to forget the strange physical structures of the escalator, while stressing its existence. Transit therefore not merely to dress the escalator, she redefines it offers disembodied and dreamlike dimension.